Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wine and Food Tasting Tip

Here is a tasting tip from a long time friend and wine connoisseur. Set out a variety of foods to try with your wine(s), i.e. salami, cheese, seafood, cake, chocolate, pickles, etc. First, take a sip of the wine and taste as above. Then take another sip along with a bite of food and chew. You'll find that some foods go with the wine and some don't. Ideally, the wine and food together should form a 'sauce' that is delightful and better tasting than either the wine or the food alone. This is the mark of a successful pairing.

Confused? Wine tasting is harder to describe than it is to do. We suggest just tasting as many different wines as possible. Taste, experience, remember, and above all, enjoy!


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