Saturday, December 2, 2006

About Sherry Wines

Have anyone heard of Sherry Wines? Well, perhaps some people may have already heard of it but for me, this is the first time that I hear of this wines.

According to an article titled Sherry Wines, this wine is from Jerez, Spain. The English discovered these wines and called them “jerries”. This wine is fortified with grape brandy. There are several Sherry-type wines that are produced outside of Spain. There are also a number of styles of sherry.

Sherry is made from three different types of grapes including the Palomino, Pedro Ximenez and Muscat. Sherry-style wines that are made outside of Spain may include different varieties of wine.

Sherry is different from other wines because it is treated differently after it has been fermented. The wine is first fortified with grape brandy and then if it is to be the “fino” style of Sherry, the wine is fortified with yeast, which is allowed to grow on top. The “Oloroso” style of wine is fortified so that the wine is so strong that the yeast “flor” cannot grow on top.

Christopher Columbus may have been the first Spaniard to bring Sherry to the New World. Ferdinand Magellan is also responsible for transporting Sherry around the world. Sherry was better equipped to survive a ship journey as it is fortified.

Well, I have learned something new today. Cool...

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